About us

The driving force behind establishing the secretariat office of WHOCCs of Iran was taken into consideration based on the results of the second meeting of national WHO collaborating centres held in Kerman on 25 February 2015. In this meeting, Dr Reza Malekzadeh -the vice-chancellor of research and technology of MOHME, Dr Jihan Tawila -the WHO representative in Iran, Dr Mohsen Asadi Lari -the manager of international affairs of MOHME, Dr Shahin Akhundzadeh –the successor of Research and Technology Deputy of MOHME, Dr Ali Akbar Haghdoost –the chancellor of Kerman University of Medical Sciences and the head of Regional Knowledge Hub, and WHO Collaborating Centre for HIV Surveillance, heads, authorities, and representatives of sixteen WHOCCs attended.

The mission of this secretariat office is to help, to collaborate, and share knowledge and experience with other centres, researchers and countries to improve health in line with WHO agenda.

As about one third of WHOCCs of Eastern Mediterranean region are located in Iran, and due to the importance of collaboration in the world, this secretariat office is established to:

1. Bond a network among collaborating centres,

2. Hold joint and regular meetings with the presence of ministry authorities, heads and vice-chancellors of medical universities, heads and authorities of collaborating centres

3. Facilitate the improvement of collaborating centres

4. Provide consolidated instruction or guideline for collaborating centres

5. Creates a roadmap for WHOCCs by MOHME

6. Share experiences of collaborating centres in terms of their scientific endeavors  

7. Share scientific documents of WHO collaborating centres

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